Taps and Table Scraps

Taps and Table Scraps

Brett and Kurt discuss good beer at local taprooms and discuss a different bible story each Flight.

Flight 2-5

5th Flight of the second season of the podcast Taps and Table Scraps. Pr. Kurt and Brett speak with Bonnie Coonen from 5 Stones and discuss the bible story of the woman accused of adultery.

Flight 2-4

Flight 2-4 was recorded March 5 and tells the story of Aaron and the Golden Calf from Exodus 32 and Pr. Kurt and Brett interview Kerry Arent from Harbor House. www.harborhousewi.org

Flight 2-3

Flight 2-3 tells the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19:1-10 and Kurt and Brett interview Stephanie Lenz from Habitat for Humanity. www.FoxCitiesHabitat.org StephanieL@FoxCitiesHabitat.org

Flight 2-2

In today’s flight we discuss the Parable of the Rich Fool. Today we speak with Lisa Robbins from Miracle League of the Fox Valley www.foxvalleymiracleleague.com www.facebook.com/foxvalleymiracleleague

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