Jenn & Ted Tyvol

Jenn & Ted Tyvol


We are Jenn and Ted Tyvol, and we are so excited to meet you!  We job-share the part-time position of Children’s Ministries Coordinators at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church.  We have been attending and involved with OSLC since the fall of 2019.  We were looking for an open, welcoming church with a strong, relatable weekly message, and we found that here…but with so much more!  OSLC provides opportunities within the church for children and youth programming (and it continues to grow), along with middle school and teen options, as well as options for young children!  OSLC has mission trip and camping opportunities for both youth and adults!  OSLC has young adult group events, summer family group events, and more!  We love that our children are welcome in the worship service (background-checked nursery staff or within the sanctuary), and we love how we can grow within the church as our family changes.  We have made friends here, and some of our friends have ended up loving it here as much as us…and now they join us here as well!   

We come to the church with professional and service backgrounds in working for area public schools, nation-wide non-profit organizations, and more.  We have a strong interest in empowering others, whether it be the children in our home or in the community, at work, or at church.  We love spending time with our family (and friends!) at home, at Packer games, at community events, and at music/recreation events.  

We would love to invite you to contact us or attend any time…reach out and we can answer questions or connect you with the best resource.  

We welcome you to OSLC exactly as you are.  Join our community that continues to add and change as we grow and meet the needs of our members, neighbors, non-member attendees, and others.  We hope you can join us in any offering you may enjoy – a service project, Sunday School, Confirmation, youth group, adult/senior Bible Studies, choir, family events.  New faces are always welcome.  Our vision is to “Love God, Love Others.”    

Offc. Mgr./Ministries Coord.
Youth, Young Adult, and Nursery Ministry Coordinator
Sam Keel
Don't fall for SCAM emails (AND NOW THEY ARE TEXTING TOO) "from" Pastor Kemp, Laura, or anyone at OSLC, Please check with the office before acting on any requests.  Be safe.  920-734-6396, choice 2.